A Little Relief || sugar-queen-katara

The very next morning, as promised, Ozai’s cell was outfitted with a mattress, pillow and a few blankets to make him more comfortable. He spent the next few hours resting on his new accommodation. It was a far cry from a real bed but it was a welcomed feature after spending years sleeping on the floor. His tired bones would benefit tremendously from it.

Later that day, after lunch, the guard named Ming entered the cell carrying a tray with tea.

"Enjoying your new bed?" She chimed as she set the tray down in front of the bars. "None of the other guards wanted to do it so I volunteered. I hope you like it. It was your brother’s favorite." Ming had assumed that Ozai would enjoy the flavor much like his brother; a very ignorant assumption. Ozai didn’t share much in common with Iroh. They may both like tea, but their taste was very different.

Ozai sat up and stretched, moving shortly after to sit in front of the tray. “Hmph.” He could smell the nauseating scent of his brother’s favorite tea. Picking up the cup, he took a sip anyways. 

"I’ll leave you to your thoughts." The female guard walked out, giving the former Fire Lord some privacy.   

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