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Fire Lord Ozai, may I help you with your "situation"? I could break you out of that jail cell and help you take over the world.

"I can’t do anything without my bending."

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"I still miss my wife, Aang."


Come tell Aang all your crushes , dreams, fantasies, and deepest longings for him or any of his 'Avatar' friends. 


ॐ►   “That’s… understandable, I guess, You two had a lot together, so it’s only right that you would miss her. But…”

    But why did all conversations with Ozai have to end like this?

 ”But you were the one who sent her away in the first place,” he practically rushed. He scratched uncomfortably behind his ear. “I mean, do you think you miss her because you regret your choices… or because you’re lonely here?”

( exfirelordozai )

"I’m lonely."

He would never regret banishing her since his reasoning made sense to him. But now that everything was over, he believed he would have her back and didn’t understand that’s not how it works.

"Can’t you ask her to come visit me?"

"Sometimes I try to imagine her scent on my bed but it’s never enough for me." He said, opening up to the boy a little.

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A deep sigh came from Kya, along with a shake of her head.


"Tenzin would tell me to tell you to force yourself into it or suck it up—
But I’m not Tenzin. Jinora and a few others will be joining us shortly, if you want to get a snack—”
                                 Was she supposed to let him stop? No. Was she supposed to offer him food?..Not really. But she didn’t really care.

"A snack, you say?" He mused. "Now that is something I’m into."

Ozai will do anything for food.

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After a few moments of silence, the waterbender finally decided to speak up—


Your form is off; straighten your back, you’re slouching too much.”

Meditation was never his thing unless Jinora was involved. He fixed his back and resumed the meditation position with closed eyes. 

"I suppose I’m just not into it today."

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"Oh you did NOT just tell me to calm down!"

"You’re right. I didn’t."

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"Calm down, shorty."

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"I’m in a good mood today. Humor me."

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' aftermath ←



       ”I can and I will," he retorted, knuckles paling in grip against his dark-toned staff as he spun sharply to face the defeated king head-on. He wouldn’t kill Ozai, but that didn’t mean he hated him any less than every other terrorized refugee, carcass dead under his demand or any one of his friends’ whose lives had been shaken by his ruthless and deathly fist. He’d seen this man’s effects first-hand in every nation across the entire World — poverty, war, deceit. He’d helped families torn apart, towns destroyed and broken and people so deprived that even hope had been stolen in the name of the Fire Lord. Ozai was a horrible person. He deserved no grace. And now, what? Did he expect to be set free? 

         ”  I could have killed you, Ozai -- be grateful you escaped this fight with
        your life. You murdered thousands of innocent people — families, children!
                    Was your rein of terror enough for the entire world to go through?!
             I told you — a life in prison is more than you deserve; and it is the only
                                         grace I’m willing to grant you for what you’ve done.

The Fallen fire lord finally was able to gather enough strength to pull himself up against a rock so he wasn’t laying on the dirt. 

There seemed to be nothing more he could say against the Avatar’s word. His life as he knew it was over. All he could do now was wait.

Soon, an airship arrived but instead of Fire Nation soldiers, there came three teenagers instead. 

Just when he thought he couldn’t be humiliated any further, they started mocking him— calling him names like ‘Loser Lord’.

'I am the Phoenix King!” Ozai spat in delirium until he couldn't hold himself up any longer and fell to the floor, soon unconscious and unable to take up for himself as the kids teased him.   

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Even Fire Lords and Avatars sometimes never want to grow up. Based on [ X ]

      I think I’m a day late, oops

        Happy Birthday, Dante Basco, don’t say I never got you anything, you fabulous Fire Lord, you. 

I’m going to art school. God.


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[ throws open the cell doors ] "Prepare for hugs, and prepare for them now." //{ ♥♥♥!!! }

He froze in place, unsure about what to do to prepare for violent Katara hugs. “I uh—”

(<3333333 missed you so much)

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"Hello to you too, Ozai." She’s smiling on the inside

"It’s a pleasure to see you again." He’s doing cartwheels on the inside.

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' aftermath ←



        — - it was over.  The ex Fire Lord’s voice still spat profanity, his fists still curled and his words still desperately continued to cling to whatever dignity edged each one with poisonous threat; but it was over. This corrupted and dangerous man was no longer a King. He was no longer a threat. No longer a fear. No longer a bender.

                                                                                  It.   was.   over

    "You will be imprisoned in the Fire Nation’s capital under Fire
    Lord Zuko as punishment for your unforgivable crimes.
 he responded cooly, gaze level, cold, and strong as he stared directly back into those of an enemy he had feared for so long. Right. By now, Zuko and Katara should have defeated Azula, leaving the throne to the Prince — the rightful heir; so long as they were safe.The Fire Nation was no longer led astray by corrupted leaders. Deception no longer controlled its citizens. Balance was reinstated. 

                                                              Peace had been restored



Ozai…. in prison. The once great ruler of the Fire Nation… in prison. Those horrible cells were hardly suited for a man like him. 

He had lost everything. 

"You…You can’t do that to me. You took away my bending. Isn’t that enough to go through?"

He was grasping at nothing it seemed and he was easily losing this argument. There was no way he’d survive more than 5 years in that miserable stoned building with nothing but the ragged clothes on his back for warmth now that he had lost his fire… his soul. 

"You… can’t…"

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Jinora tells Ozai a Story

Small Skype RP with spiritualjinora

[8/29/14 10:15:23 PM] Ozai: Ozai sits in Jinora’s lap. “Tell me a story.”
[8/29/14 10:15:33 PM] JInora: *pushes off*
[8/29/14 10:15:37 PM] JInora: “Okay”
[8/29/14 10:15:46 PM] JInora: “Once upon a time….”
[8/29/14 10:15:55 PM] Ozai: Ozai looks like an eager 5 year old
[8/29/14 10:17:15 PM] JInora: “There was a noble lord int he fire nation…not…the firelord but….still high up there. Anyway, he went on a trip to the earth kingdom with all his extra money…
[8/29/14 10:18:02 PM] JInora: …and met the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen in his life. She had long, silky black hair, and eyes like fire orbs that could see into your very soul.”
[8/29/14 10:19:03 PM] JInora: “The two of them grew to love each other over time, though they only had brief vists, never going to either person’s home. A little tea here, a dance there….nothing big. That is, until he finally asked her to marry him.”
[8/29/14 10:19:32 PM] Ozai: Ozai stares
[8/29/14 10:21:20 PM] JInora: “But alas, though she accepted the proposal, their two kingdoms went to war just the next day. The battle raged for only five days and five nights, but in the end, the woman’s fiancé was mortally wounded.”
[8/29/14 10:21:51 PM] Ozai: Ozai frowned
[8/29/14 10:22:06 PM] JInora: “With the love of her life lost, she stormed into the enemy’s nation, just as the dust was beginning to settle, and stole a dragon. She denounced both sides for their senseless conflict, and hopped on a dragon. Sensing her conviction, the beast obeyed her every command, carrying her into the sky for all to see and hear. When her message was clear, she set the land ablaze and rode the dragon into a volcano!”
[8/29/14 10:22:10 PM] JInora: JInora sighs wistfully
[8/29/14 10:22:44 PM] Ozai: Ozai looks mortified

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"I will never forgive you."



          — - he was met with silence.

                 Grip tightening about the width of his glider, Aang cast a glance downwards, jaw setting in quiet discomposure. The air was cool — sifting through his robes with a sort of chill that shouldn’t be present, now. He’d defeated Ozai. He’d taken away his bending — he couldn’t hurt people anymore.The war was over. But the hissing tendrils of the helpless Fire Lord still snuck chills into his pumping veins, spitting like venom. What he’d done had been cruel — but it had been far less cruel than what he had been expected to do. Ozai wouldn’t so much as glance at redemption for his crimes if he still bared the raw power of his firebending — but with that privilege removed, he at least had a chance. Everyone deserved a chance at life.

         “I’m not asking you to forgive me,” eyes sifting shut, the Avatar exhaled
     quietly, mouth set firm, shoulders square and hues cool as he turned back to face
     his defeated enemy. The face of hatred. Death. Destruction. 

                “But what you did was unforgivable as well. Everyone — even
            your own son — wanted me to kill you. They thought you deserved
            it — and they were right. You murdered innocent men, women,
           children. I took away your bending so you could no longer abuse it
           for the selfish execution of innocent people to gain power; and it was
                                                                              a grace you didn’t deserve.”


             ”No, Fire Lord Ozai, you will never forgive me.

                   But the world will never forgive you.” 

Ozai groaned on the ground on top of that blasted pillar. He didn’t want forgiveness. He wanted his energy back more than anything right now. 

The Fire Lord wasn’t ready to give up yet… But there was little he could do. All of the energy had seemed to be drained out of him. His body ached more than it ever did before and his head burned with the pain of having his bending stripped away from him. 

"What will happen to me if you don’t plan on ending my life?" Part of Ozai hoped that an airship would come down and take the Avatar out, saving him. The other part knew he was most likely going to prison…

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Prison Visitors