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"I will never forgive you."



          — - he was met with silence.

                 Grip tightening about the width of his glider, Aang cast a glance downwards, jaw setting in quiet discomposure. The air was cool — sifting through his robes with a sort of chill that shouldn’t be present, now. He’d defeated Ozai. He’d taken away his bending — he couldn’t hurt people anymore.The war was over. But the hissing tendrils of the helpless Fire Lord still snuck chills into his pumping veins, spitting like venom. What he’d done had been cruel — but it had been far less cruel than what he had been expected to do. Ozai wouldn’t so much as glance at redemption for his crimes if he still bared the raw power of his firebending — but with that privilege removed, he at least had a chance. Everyone deserved a chance at life.

         “I’m not asking you to forgive me,” eyes sifting shut, the Avatar exhaled
     quietly, mouth set firm, shoulders square and hues cool as he turned back to face
     his defeated enemy. The face of hatred. Death. Destruction. 

                “But what you did was unforgivable as well. Everyone — even
            your own son — wanted me to kill you. They thought you deserved
            it — and they were right. You murdered innocent men, women,
           children. I took away your bending so you could no longer abuse it
           for the selfish execution of innocent people to gain power; and it was
                                                                              a grace you didn’t deserve.”


             ”No, Fire Lord Ozai, you will never forgive me.

                   But the world will never forgive you.” 

Ozai groaned on the ground on top of that blasted pillar. He didn’t want forgiveness. He wanted his energy back more than anything right now. 

The Fire Lord wasn’t ready to give up yet… But there was little he could do. All of the energy had seemed to be drained out of him. His body ached more than it ever did before and his head burned with the pain of having his bending stripped away from him. 

"What will happen to me if you don’t plan on ending my life?" Part of Ozai hoped that an airship would come down and take the Avatar out, saving him. The other part knew he was most likely going to prison…

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"I'm sorry, but... but what did you think he'd say?"

"Well… I was hoping that Zuko would let me live the rest of my life in my home but I suppose that was a stretch, wasn’t it? Any other ideas?"

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*rests head on bars*

Ozai sighed and pressed his forehead against them along with her. He hadn’t been feeling well and could probably use some healing sessions for his aching bones.

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"I am going to try to get you out for a few days." it was when she got up for moment feeling a bit sick she sipped on some tea to calm her stomach. She spoke to a guard saying that she wanted her husband to be out in the sun and he agreed giving her the key. 

Ozai smirked as she got up to speak to the guards. He would probably be shackled, but he didn’t care as long as he was let out for a bit. 

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"Have you been practicing your lightning generation?"



  ❝ Yes, but it hasn’t been as efficient.❞ 

"I believe your form might need more work to accomplish efficiency."

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//torturing zuko is my favorite thing to do

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"Well, I…"

"Don’t you want ice cream? I want ice cream."

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         ”But I just thought—-Uncle Iroh said I mastered that set.” 

"Care to prove it to me? If you did manage to actually master a set, I’ll give you ice cream."

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"Not as much as you’d think. Do you want to see them? I doubt a quick exposure will do much damage…"

"I don’t see how that would be a problem. Tenzin isn’t around." 




"You should not be treated like some animal in a pen. You are the father of my children and without your bending you are harmless and should be treated with more respect." 

"You sound as if you have a plan to get me out of here. Speak up." Ozai wanted to sit out in the sun again at least. It was like she was beating around the bush and his patience was growing thin.

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"What do you need to know?"

"About the night she left. What…what really happened?”


"Your mother confronted me about something I was told to do to Zuko. I don’t know how she found out. It was meant to be a secret between my Father and I."

He took a deep breath.

"I was instructed to murder my own son."

Of course, Ozai would leave out why. Azula didn’t need to know what her Father had done. 

"Your mother proposed a plan that would save Zuko and insure that I take my place on the throne." 

He would leave the poison bit out as well. 

"She committed an unspeakable treason that night and paid the price. I banished her so that she wouldn’t be put to death." Ozai lied.

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ॐ►     “An Air Acolyte is somebody who is studying and embracing the culture of the Air Nomads,” Aang explained to him, grinning at the corner of his mouth. “I’m teaching them. Together, we’re trying to rebuild the Air Nation, one Acolyte at a time…”

   He trailed off, watching Ozai’s expression. There was nothing he read there what would have caused him to stop other than it was Ozai’s face. He was, once again, struck with the indescribable strangeness of explaining anything Air-related to Ozai. Of talking casual of rebuilding his lost culture to a man he once blamed in part responsible for its destruction.  

"Anyway… There’s a bunch of them now, and they’re usually near by me somehow, so no one would think much of seeing you with me. I might be able to fit you a robe…

   ”…If this is what you really want to do.”

The Former Tyrant nodded in understanding as the Avatar spoke of his Acolytes. They seemed to be somewhat of a family and that sounded nice. 

Ozai might want a family but no family wants Ozai and he knew that very well by now. He deserved it. Especially because of the way he treated his son. But for how long? Zuko was only banished for 3 years and Ozai did let him return… 

"I’ll do it." 

This seemed to be the only way. He wanted to sell Ursa’s jewelry and let her go. It was a symbolic thing now. 

Everything was symbolic between the Avatar and the Ex Fire Lord.

The Prison…The custard…The Beach House…And now, Ursa’s belongings and, possibly, Aang’s Acolyte robes.



"Huh? Ashamed? Why would I be ashamed of the greatest honor an airbender can be bestowed?"


"This is just to protect my head silly!"

"Did they hurt?" He was a little afraid to see them. She looked enough like Aang as it was. 



"This is supposed to protect my head from the sun while the skin heals and the hair starts to grow back…"

"You seem ashamed." He wasn’t around for the ceremony because Tenzin forbid him to join. Because of this, Ozai never saw how happy she was about the arrows.

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