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"Right," Aang said hollowly, trying his best to present a convincing smile. A reassuring smile. He knew the path ahead of them was going to be a hard one; one scattered with rocks and shrouded with a leaves and tripping vines and who knows what else. 

   But he thought Ozai needed to believe the path could be crossed. And he needed to believe that the path could be walked. Needed to remind himself that he did believe that. 

"We can get whatever you want," Aang said again. "Just, uh, remember I don’t eat meat, so, yeah…

   ”I can always find something else though, so, if you want something…”

That was the first step to walking the path, right? Making it a comfortable one to tread? 

Ozai nodded. He wondered if it would be ok to request….

"Would it be alright if you found some vegetarian sushi for yourself and then some with fish in it for me? I could use the nourishment." He smilled a little.

"I’ll make more tea while you’re gone." It was all he could do. "…Unless you’ll let me come with you…" He’d like that a lot.

"This place is rather depressing now."

With a small groan and stood up and dusted himself off. “And I don’t know how much money you have but I need some clothes. All of my belongings were eaten by moth beetles…” His ragged prison uniform was in better shape than his old silk robes.


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Lin’s rolling her eyes!!

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A Beef About Jerky


Jinora gave him a puzzled look. “Why would we keep it secret?”

She considered that a moment. Was he still worried about not being accepted, or was there more to this?

"Yes, he would find out" she assured, looking at him a bit skeptically now. "Would that be a problem though? There isn’t anything Daddy said to you that I’m not aware of…is there?"

"He already hates me and I think if he sees that I’m…. one of you…. now.., he might  be angry with me."

The girl didn’t seem to understand what was at stake here. But..

The more he thought about it, the more it made sense to tell him. Perhaps it would make Tenzin happy after all. It might help him understand that Ozai needed this for his second chance.

"Ozai took a sip of the warm tea and nodded. "Alright, one of us will tell him."


She smiled as she looked at her husband as she walked into the large living room. She sat down in a simple chair as the doors and windows were opened letting in the sounds and sight of the ocean.

She just closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the slight breeze it was when she felt a sharp pain in her side she cried out a bit. 

Ozai rushed to her side. “What?! WHAT IS IT?!” His hand gripped her hand. “It’s too soon…right?” 

"What did you feel?" Perhaps this was normal and he was over reacting… But she seemed distressed. Something was wrong.




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Don’t let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out!
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Here’s some positive energy for my dash because it’s a mess rn

It’s really funny seeing an overweight cat try to play and run around.

It warms my heart to see it because he rarely plays. OMG HE JUST MADE A LOUD NOISE BRB.

He knocked over a folding chair omg. He’s like a bulldozer.

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"I’m sorry to hear that" Hana felt bad for the man "I have some bread here, if you’d like any." she searched through her shoulder bag and pulled out a small loaf the size of her hand, and offered it to the crouched man.

Ozai looked up from his spot on the floor at the mentioning of bread. 

It could be poisoned but….. he was desperate and dying would be an escape anyway…

A thin hand reached out for the bread without saying a word.

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"Are you sure?" Hana stood at a distance, cranking her head curiously "You don’t look… not sick."

"I’m always like this." Constantly lethargic, eating only rice for his meals was making the fallen Fire Lord fatigued and sickly. He was so used to it that it didn’t bother him anymore.

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"Eh. I’m not sick."

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Has anyone else check their tv guides for friday? It still says that Korra will air twice at the same time. 

What if this is like the mexican leak scandal and some nick idiot thought it was funny to post a lie on an official website to fluster the fans?

This is probably all I’m going to say on the matter.

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The Air Temples. 

   Aang didn’t answer Ozai right away. He kept his face turned the man, but focused on the surf climbing up the shore before them; he didn’t meet Ozai’s gaze. 

   A strange, turning feeling that almost resembled jealousy squirmed in Aang’s gut at the thought of bringing Ozai to the temples—of bringing the heir of Azulon to the temples, still mostly ruin from the genocide. Bringing Ozai to Roku’s temple hadn’t worked out so well, what made him think that going to the Air Temples would be any better. 

   But his eyes feel on the mala still fashioned around Ozai’s wrist, still close with a symbolic gesture of trust and acceptance, and he sighed out the tension in his shoulders. The disaster at Roku’s Island had taught him he had a lot of anger still in him at Ozai, but it has also made it clear that that anger wouldn’t get either of them anywhere. 

   He blinked and pulled a small smile at the corner of his mouth. “We can think about the temples,” he said slowly. “Maybe they would help…”

"Let’s focus on breakfast first though."


"Breakfast sounds good." He sat up and pulled his feet out of the water and kicked off some seaweed. 

Ozai would eat anything at this point. “What do you have in mind?” Hopefully, the Avatar wouldn’t choose custard again. That seemed to give him stomach trouble but perhaps that was only because he hadn’t eaten anything that rich in years after eating nothing but rice everyday.

"Anything but rice unless it’s something delicious like rice cakes." Mmm. “Or sushi…”  The seaweed that he kicked away reminded him of it. 



[ sighs ] 


"And then—when you were 5— you spilt hot curry all over your lap and Azula laughed at you. Since your mother was in the bathroom at the time, I had to clean you up. You were so disappointed in yourself but I gave you extra dessert and then you felt better."

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"That guard was really mad. What did you do this time?"

"I refused to eat off the floor again. He hates it when I don’t grovel."

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